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Practicing in Shreveport, LA

What a weekend! Of course, you always tend to say that after you spend one with Jerry and Kay Miculek at their home in Princeton, LA, without a doubt, they are two of the finest people that anybody could ever know. Before I say anything else, I have to thank Kay and Jerry for letting me use their range to practice at the drop of the hat. Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered what about 60K rounds of new, factory production pistol ammo looks like sitting in somebody’s entry hall, I have to tell you that it is quite impressive!

I’ve been fighting a sinus infection for the past week and this managed to contribute a little bit of up and down performances over the weekend with the blast wave constantly stirring things up in my head. I’m confident however, that these last few days of antibiotics and a couple more practices and I’ll be ready to take on everybody at the US Steel Shoot in Anderson, SC next weekend.

Right now, I’m entered in .22 optics on Thursday and Open centerfire on Saturday, and I’m seriously considering adding Limited on Friday to go for SteelMaster. The biggest thing that’s holding me back is a lack of .40 bullets available to practice with. Oh well, I’ll go ahead and load what ammo I can and practice some iron sights with my Buckmark and after the Rimfire match on Thursday, I’ll put the iron sights back on my Tactical Solutions 1911 conversion unit and be able to shoot a few hundred rounds of .22 before shooting the 3 or 400 rounds of .40 that I’ll have to practice with.

Watch this page all of next week!! I’m going to try (though no promises) and put up a daily match report, complete with pics, vids and the times of the winners for that day. This’ll be my first attempt at day-to-day matc blogging, so please forgive me if I don’t get the vids, my laptop leaves a little to be desired in the video production category…

Stay safe!


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