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Wednesday Practice

Antibiotics work! With my sinus infection pretty much history, I decided to head out to the range to try out the .40 cal ammo that I loaded earlier in the day. After rediscovering what “recoil” and “iron sights” really meant, I settled in and shot some pretty good runs on Show Down with the Limited gun and that clinched my decision to go for Steel Master in South Carolina. I’m really looking forward to expanding my horizons in Steel Challenge even more by shooting Limited in addition to .22 and Open. I really owe a big thanks to Chet, Dan and everybody up at TacSol for breaking me out of a mold and getting me to shoot something besides Open Centerfire all the time. Unfortunately, the tungsten guide rod in gun decided to break on about the 5th or 6th run… Already have that replaced with a steel guide rod from another gun.

Anyway, I broke my Open gun back out after the iron sights practice and after a small re-adjustment period (like, remembering that I can shoot a dot gun with both eyes open…), I had one of the best practices I’ve had the entire year. I was consistently shooting sets under 8 seconds, and even a few under 7.5 seconds. I’m really looking forward to shooting the US Steel Nationals in South Carolina next week. I spoke with Max, he and said that he and KC are shooting real well, so it should be a very interesting match. Of course, check back here every night of the match and look for the update. I’m planning on a 30-45 second video and maybe 5-10 pictures every night, along with a report of the match with the winners, their times and their stories from the match!


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