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US Steel Shoot, Day 1

Here is it, the day before the first Steel Challenge National match under the Steel Challenge/USPSA/US Steel Shoot merge at the Skip J Range in Anderson, SC. The range, while spread out with some pretty good hills to climb, the bays are well built and the stages fit them very well. The super squads will the shoot the stages in the order of Roundabout, Five To Go, Accelerator, Smoke & Hope, Speed Option, Showdown, Pendulum and finishing up on Outer Limits. I’m happy with this order, as it puts the stages I like and shoot well at the beginning and the end of the match. I hope to build an early lead, hold on during the stages that I may not be as strong on as a few other guys out here, and rebuild the lead heading into the final stages of the match.

This match tomorrow should be an interesting lead-up to the main Open gun match. I saw Todd Jarrett shooting today, he seemed pretty strong overall, Jerry Miculek was shooting well the weekend I shot with him, Dave Sevigny was at the range today, however I didn’t see him shooting any stages. I was having a great day, shooting very well with both my open gun and my .22 Buckmark that I had planned on shooting in the Rimfire match. However, when I was cleaning the gun before doing a final zeroing of the scope, I discovered that the helicoil that protects the aluminum barrel from the steel top rail screw had backed out of the hole in the barrel. Without the proper tools to repair the coil, I was unable to get the top rail sufficiently tight enough to hold the slide and the scope in place. Big thanks to Derek @ Millennium Custom for offering me an identical Trail-Lite barrel for my Browning, however, I again lacked the correct tools to change the barrel, and enough time to properly test-fire the gun to make sure it was running as well is it did before. From now on, I plan on carrying at least one extra barrel with extra Allen wrenches and helicoils. Luckily, I brought along my TacSol 22 1911 conversion with scope mount. I changed the scope between guns, re-zeroed and ran a few practice runs right as the they were closing the range to prepare for the match. Even though I haven’t practiced much with this gun in the past week, I feel confident as I have won the Rimfire event with this gun before and I intend to do it again tomorrow. Another wildcard for the Rimfire match is Max Michel Jr., he isn’t shooting Rimfire until Friday, so we won’t really know who won the Rimfire event until Friday night. Since he hasn’t ever shot Rimfire before, nobody really knows what he is capable of.

My final equipment line-up:

Rimfire: Tactical Solutions .22 1911 conversion upper on a Springfield Frame, Aluminum C-More scope.

Limited: STI Edge in .40 Cal

Open: Brazos Custom Gunworks Pro Sx with 9×19 Steel Challenge barrel, C-more scope.

Below is a slide show of pics from today, I hope to have more tomorrow, as well as some vids on Youtube. One other note, the wireless internet at the match hotel isn’t very strong, so I may or may not be able to update every night.


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