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US Steel Shoot Rimfire Match report

The final times (overall) for Thursday’s Rimfire match are:

1. BJ Norris: 69.04
2. Todd Jarrett: 72.31
3. Dave Sevigny: 72.98
4. Jerry Miculek: 78.7
5. Phil Strader: 82.3 (with Iron sights!!)
6. Kay Miculek: 83.7
7. Rebecca Jones: 84.72

A few surprises there, Todd shot better than he was letting on and edged out Dave for second place. Dave started out the day really rough, having to eat two misfires on the first stage, costing him around 3-4 seconds, and also distracting him for the first two stages. After that, he shot very strong the rest of the day and dug himself out of a hole to shoot a very respectable time.

Before I talk about my match, I have to give a huge thanks to Pat Cochran for loaning me a Buckmark after mine broke last night. The gun ran and felt great all day, and I was a lot more confident shooting a gun that was much similar to the one I practiced with, than with the much heavier 1911 conversion I had for a back-up. I feel that I shot very well, with only two stages that I feel I could have shot much better. On Accelerator, the scope zero shifted about 3-4 inches to the right, forcing me to take the time to aim for the left edge, and Pendulum… well, that stage always tries really hard to remind you just what trigger control is! Speaking of Pendulum, Dave shot that stage like he was possessed, well under 8.5 seconds, amazing to watch, which you can with the video below. When we came to our last stage of the day, Outer Limits, I knew I had to shoot extremely well to stay under a 70 second total time. I shot very well the first 3 runs, all being under 3.25 seconds and two of them being around 3.1. I knew I could really push on the last string, having 3 good runs on the board and being comfortable on the stage, I went for it, I went 1-for-1 and shot the 4th run in 2.97 seconds!

Phil Strader shot his TacSol 1911 conversion on an STI frame, and even choose to shoot with iron sights. He strong, finishing 5th overall with it, shooting most runs under 1.6 seconds on Smoke & Hope, not something many people can do with a dot, let alone iron sights. Kay Miculek also shot a TacSol 1911 conversion, though on a Smith & Wesson single stack frame. The gun ran well and so did Kay! She was shooting as well as I’ve ever seen her shoot Steel Challenge, and it shows on the results. I hope she can hold everything together over the next two days and win ladies Steel Master.

Max Michel is still to shoot Rimfire tomorrow while the rest of the super squad shoots Limited, which should be an interesting match for me. My Dillon 550 broke as I was loading practice ammo on Tuesday morning. As a result, I was only able to bring 3-400 rounds of practice ammo to shoot this afternoon. I made those count for the most part and plan to AIM on every shot!

Here’s the video from my squad today. It’s a little rough, but with time constraints, I wasn’t able to dress it up. I plan on re-posting the videos after I get home and have time to play with it. Enjoy.


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