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US Steel Shoot Limited

Not much tonight, Outback was covered up and it took forever to get a table.

Looks like Dave won Limited with a 92 and change, past that it’s big jumble. Nobody shot a real stellar match today, a few good runs here, a few bad ones over there was the story of the day for the Super Squad. Without a doubt, the most consistent match shot today was Doug Koenig, only having to two keep two pick-up shots over all of the eight stages. My shooting was… Not quite what I expected in the morning, however after lunch, I started shooting very strong and was able to finish the match in just under 110 seconds. Overall, I’m pretty happy with that time, I know I can shoot under 95 seconds with a fair amount of practice with the proper equipment.

Max Michel Jr. finished Rimfire today with a time slightly over 70 seconds, so I am the official Rimfire champion with a time of 69.04 seconds!

I’m really looking forward to the match tomorrow, I was shooting extremely well with my Open gun and when I checked the zero on the scope, it had not moved at all and I shot a great group before leaving the range.

Sorry for no video, dinner took forever and there just wasn’t time to download and produce it to video. I’ll get it up either Saturday night, or I may work on it during the drive home. I uploaded a few more pics to make up for no video.


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