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US Steel Shoot, Final Report

Here’s the final report from the US Steel Nationals, sorry it took so long.

Going into the last 3 stages, Showdown, Pendulum and Outer Limits, the standings were,

Max (48.17)
KC (48.76)
Todd (49.7)
BJ (50.18)
Dave (52.08)

(Apologies to a few people whom I told I was about 3.5-4 seconds out of the lead going into the last day. This was the amount I was down after Smoke & Hope, when I had to eat a miss. Brian fade set in after the match and I got them mixed up)

We started on Showdown, then Pendulum, finishing on Outer Limits. Since the rain delay forced us to start a new day, Showdown was a great place for me to do so. I knew that if I wanted to be in the running for the match, I had go on the attack for every stage, or shoot safe and settle for a Top 3 finish. I made the decision to go for it Saturday night and did my best to keep my mind prepared by visualizing shooting well on the stages (“Like me” for those that have read Lanny Bassham’s book), and by also visualizing (from a 3rd person view) myself standing on the top of the podium after the match. Looking forward and positively toward the next day helped keep my confidence higher than trying to “fix” what I had done wrong during Saturday’s match. Sunday morning dawned bright, with calm cloudless skies, but it was cold. After the rain, the temperature had dropped quite a bit over night and it was colder than it had been all week. Everybody has different ways of dealing with cold, my favorite is to put air-activated hand warmers in the gun case before leaving the hotel room. This not only keeps the gun warm enough that the viscosity of the oil stays low enough to for it to run, but it doesn’t hurt my hand as much when it hits a cold grip on the draw. We also learned Sunday morning that all of the stop plate wires had been shorted out by the heavy rain and that they would be adding the flight time of a 900 FPS bullet to the audible sound.

So, back to the shooting… I posted a real good time on Showdown, building my confidence heading into the stages. Max was very deliberate in his aiming and as a result, about 1-1.5 seconds off the pace, Dave, Todd, and KC all shot consistently, making the race for the win even tighter heading into Pendulum. What can I say about Pendulum… Well, the only person that shot it well was Mike Voigt, the rest of us shot it bad to say the least, probably one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen the super squad of any match shoot on any one stage, I think there were a few runs where almost all of us were wondering if we had enough rounds left in the magazine to finish the stage! This left Outer Limits to determine the winner, and anybody who has shot OL knows that there is almost no room for error, especially when you are pushing yourself to pull ahead of others. KC shot, and posted a strong time of 11.64, setting the pace for the stage at well under 4 seconds per run. I knew that I had to shoot a great OL to win and I feel that I did just that, not only winning the stage, but breaking my own world record on the stage by about 3 tenths of a second. Todd fell away under the pressure, shooting a 12.96 and putting him in 4th place, Max shot next, his first 3 runs were strong, however he did have one string over 4 seconds because of a make-up shot on the stop plate. On his final run, he gave up on the stop plate which is so easy to do when you have shot the other 4 plates well and fired several rounds before hitting and stopping the clock at around 4.5 seconds. This left the question… Who won? Until the final results came out, we didn’t know who had won the match, which is not very common in Steel Challenge. The results came out and were:

Max (81.62)
BJ (81.77)
KC (81.98)
Todd (83.01)
Dave (85.40)

I was disappointed to say the least! However, as it was last year in CA, it hasn’t been my day to win yet. Everybody around me has been extremely supportive, big thanks to my family, my fiancée Lucie, John Scoutten, Billy Abbate, and also Max and Dave for taking the time to offer words of support and encouragement!! With the Steel Challenge regional matches coming online, I look forward to being able to compete in Steel Challenge again before THE match in CA.

Congratulations to all the winners!!


1. Max Michel Jr.
2. BJ Norris
3. KC Eusebio
4. Todd Jarrett
5. Dave Sevigny

Women’s Overall:

1. Kay Miculek
2. Jessie Abbate
3. Rebecca Jones

Junior Overall:

1. James McGinty
2. Kaci Cochran
3. Sonny Morton
4. John Suber
5. Cody Tucker


1. Dave Sevigny
2. Todd Jarrett
3. Doug Koenig
4. Jerry Miculek
5. BJ Norris

Women’s Limited:

1. Jessie Abbate
2. Randi Rogers
3. Rebecca Jones

Junior Limited:

1. Sonny Morton
2. Cody Tucker

Rimfire Overall:

1. BJ Norris
2. Max Michel Jr.
3. Todd Jarrett
4. Dave Sevigny
5. Jerry Miculek

Women’s Rimfire

1. Kay Miculek
2. Rebecca Jones
3. Jessie Abbate

Junior Rimfire, Overall:

1. Sonny Morton
2. Cody Tucker
3. Ian Betzel

Men’s Steel Master:

1. Todd Jarrett
2. Dave Sevigny
3. BJ Norris

Women’s Steel Master:

1. Jessie Abbate
2. Kay Miculek
3. Rebecca Jones


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