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Space City (finally) and TX Open

Wow, has is already been almost three weeks since Space City Challenge? I’ve been extremely remiss in not posting before this, however things have been real hectic at work (starting up a league shoot, training to take fingerprints, etc) and I’ve been trying to get ready for TX Open this weekend.

Anyway, getting back to Space City, it was, as always, a great match. Each stage presented its own individual and specific challenges, and tried to lure you into shooting faster than you really should. My favorite stage was Stage 9, Three’s Company. With a well-defined free fire zone and targets visible from pretty much one location, it didn’t offer many options on stage planning, but if you shot it the way you needed to, once you started moving, you didn’t stop until the end of the stage. IMHO, these types of stages are the best since they test pretty much all the skills you need in IPSC (all of the basics of shooting fast, shooting on the move, and the ability to think on your feet). If you missed one of the plates on Stage 9 at Space City, you would have to slow down your movement dramatically, or more likely, stop completely and adding more than a second to your time.

Overall, I feel that my performance was solid, with the low point being stage 6 where I had two mikes. Past that, I shot well and got better as the day went on. Congrats to all of the winners at Space City, and Thank you to all of my sponsors (in no particular order), Montana Gold Bullets, Starline Brass, Tactical Solutions, CED, Grams Engineering, Techwear USA, GT Targets, My parents and my fiancée Lucie for their support, I wouldn’t be able to maintain my success in the shooting sports!

Texas Open is coming up this weekend and I feel pretty good going into it. Since I started working at Lock & Load Indoor Shooting range, I’ve been able practice a little better, as it’s real easy to throw a few target stands on the range after I clock out and shoot 2 or 3 hundred rounds a day, I just wish I could keep up with ammo demand! My 1050 was been acting up lately and it’s been real hard to load any decent amount of ammo in a decent amount of time… Anyway, I hope to see a lot of you in Waco this weekend!


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