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Texas Open Report

What can I say for the return of the Texas Open? It was Great!

With the exception of a small scheduling SNAFU on Saturday afternoon (which I believed was caused by individual squads more than the match staff), the match ran extremely smooth, with results being posted in a timely manner after the last shot was fired on Sunday. The stages were inventive and challenging in different ways, most with at least two or three ways of shooting them. One word of caution to Match Directors though, if you want to run short courses, please design a new course instead of using a classifier. This isn’t a dig toward this match in particular, I’ve noticed it around the whole country, but it makes for a better match if we don’t shoot the same stages we always shoot at a local match. Overall, I feel the match staff did a great job handling this match. Thanks to Arthur and everybody who helped during this match!

I didn’t have any major mistakes during the match and feel like it was the best IPSC match I’ve shot in a long time. I started out Saturday morning a little off pace, but after the first two stages I started gaining momentum and shot better each stage by maintaining a positive outlook and being confident that the next stage would go better. Despite two no-shoot penalties, I choose not to dwell on them since they happened while I was (as Dr. Bob Rotella would say) “Playing to play great”. I shot this match very aggressively, but not recklessly.

While we’re on that subject, I want to highly recommend the books “Golf is Not A Game of Perfect” and “The Golfer’s Mind: Playing to Play Great”, both by Dr. Bob Rotella. These books, even though focusing on the game of golf, are very similar to Lanny Bassham’s “With Winning in Mind”, and they break down even further the importance, application and execution of focus, a solid pre-shot routine and playing aggressive but not reckless. Most people fall victim to one of two categories on match day, “trying too hard” (Reckless) and “dialing back from their practice speed to shoot solid” (Playing to Not Play Poorly). “Doc” explains in detail almost every mental problem I have encountered while shooting, be it IPSC or Steel Challenge, and I credit my latest success and happiness with my performance in no small part to these two books. Pick them up ASAP!

Below is video from TX Open, and a single stage from Space City.

Texas Open:

Space City, Stage 9:


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