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Here We Go Again!

Here we are again in sunny Southern California for the 2008 World Speed Shooting Championships! My dad and I arrived in LA at around 6 PM tonight and got the equipment ready to begin practice early in the morning. This year’s match should prove to be one of the most exciting yet, I know that KC and I are anxious for a re-match after the Nationals this March. Max has said that both he and KC are shooting well, and feel ready for the match. I have been shooting faster and more consistent times on each stage than I ever have before, my new S&W Open class Steel gun is running great and is ready for the big show. We also can’t forget shooters like Dave Sevigny, Jerry Miculek, and Todd Jarrett who are ready to pounce if they sense any weakness.

Thursday will kick things off with the Rimfire match, with Limited following on Friday, leading up to the Open match on Saturday, The Rimfire match will usually give a good indicator of who is shooting well this week. Here’s a rundown of the equipment I’ll be using for each match:

Rimfire: S&W Scandium alloy 1911 frame with a Tactical Solutions 2211 conversion kit.
Limited: S&W M&P Pro Series out of a CR Speed holster
Open: S&W Scandium alloy 1911 frame, built into a 9mm Open Steel Gun out of a Ghost Holster.

I hope to see some of you out here this week, will give another update after practice tomorrow!


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