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Dave Sevigny wins Rimfire Optic

After a tough, back and forth battle that lasted all day, Dave Sevigny won the Rimfire optic match with a 69.26, I was 2nd, with a 69.80, Todd and Angus both shot around 75 I believe, but not 100% sure of the times or order of the two. It was an up and down day for most on the squad, Angus had some real trouble on Outer Limits, Todd ate a miss on Roundabout and Dave and I had rough runs throughout the day. I forgot my firewire at home, so unfortunately I won’t be able to put up any video until I get home, but I am pleased to see that Saul Kirsch is here, taking video for the DAA series of match videos, I’m sure he’ll do a great job!

After 22 match and lunch, it was off to the practice range again to work hard with my M&P Pro Series that I’m shooting in Limited tomorrow. I was shooting extremely well with it and can’t wait to shoot the match with it. It’s still a tight race between Dave and I for the Steelmaster title, and the Limited match can make or break either of us at this point. More tomorrow.


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