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Customer Service

What happened to the days of old-fashioned customer service? The kind where every single person that came through the door was treated with the same respect and courtesy that they would expect for themselves in another store? Here’s the story…

So, my wife Lucie took her CHL class a few weeks ago and we’re now looking for a good carry gun. A co-worker of mine has a Colt Mustang that she really liked, so we narrow the choice down to a Mustang or a Govt 380. There was a gun show in town this past weekend and I figured we might as well go look for one, not really expecting to find what we were looking for at a decent price. Well, I was right, there were several different ones, however ALL of them were over $800… WTH?!? But anyway, we find a dealer that has both a Mustang and Govt model so she can feel the difference. The guy asks her how old she is (without asking for a DL), and you can tell reluctantly gets the gun out of the case, but then completely walks AWAY. Finally his wife, who is not really into the gun show scene puts the Mustang away and gets out the Govt model. Lucie much prefers the slightly bigger gun, so she hands it to me and I start to look at the condition of the gun, which turns out to be pretty rough. But, while inspecting the gun, the “sales” man comes back and barks out “well, how old are you?!” as soon he sees me holding the gun. After telling him that I was 19, he immediately starts berating us about how I can’t handle a pistol, and how much he’s talked to the ATF, and how they are video taping his table and he’ll lose his license, etc, etc. I tried to explain that I work at a gun store and sell guns, and that the ATF says its ok as long as I have a note, but he wouldn’t have any of it, stating that “I’ve been in the business for 30 years” and was overall extremely rude to both me and my wife, which I have a real problem with. We finally ended up laying the gun back down on the table and walking away, which I suppose, is what he wanted, but it was only going to escalate if we stayed. Personally, I refuse to do business with somebody that will tell a bald-faced lie to my face.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve been on the receiving end of this, but I hate how most people in the retail gun industry don’t really treat it as a business, and if you aren’t a good ole boy then are very rude and disrespectful. It doesn’t matter who walks through the door when I’m working at Lock & Load, I treat them exactly how I would want to be treated. I even ran into the same problem during SHOT Show. I guess since I’m only 19, there’s no possible way I could know anything about guns, therefore deserve no respect without even having spoken to me before… Please, people, if you’re in the firearms industry, ESPECIALLY right now, please treat anybody and everybody how you would want to be treated if they show any interest at all in guns.


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