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A Minor Controversy

There is little debate about Major vs. minor PF in most divisions, but Single Stack is one place where it’s still an open argument, though not much, as less than .75% of a percent of shooters were listed as minor at the Single Stack Nationals. With no way to tell what shooters meant to shoot Major and went minor at the chrono, I have to assume that the actual number of shooters that chose minor was closer to .5%. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Major PF Advantages:

  • Higher point values for C and D hits
  • Bigger holes to catch the next scoring perf

Major PF Disadvantages:

  • Increased recoil
  • Reduced magazine capacity
  • Bigger holes to catch a no-shoot perf
  • Increased ammo cost

Minor PF Advantages:

  • Reduced Recoil
  • Increased magazine capacity
  • Reduced ammo cost

Minor PF Disadvantages:

  • Lower point values for C and D hits
  • Smaller holes that may not catch the next higher scoring perf
  • Being called a wuss by fellow competitors (ok, that may be stretching it a bit…)

For me, I can deliver better hit factors shooting a minor PF single stack than I can a major PF gun. Most of my practice revolves around hitting nothing but the A-zone, so the reduced points don’t bother me much, as my goal is always no more than 2 C’s on stages over 16 rounds, and no more than 1 C on anything less, and as easy as minor PF 1911’s are to shoot, it’s a very achievable goal.

With the advertised round count of 262 rounds, a total of 1310 points were available to score, here’s a percentage breakdown of what a few of the top competitors shot.

BJ Norris: 89.93% of the available points Minor

Todd Jarrett: 89.7% of the available points Major

Rob Leatham: 93.36% of the available points Major

Now, I want to note that I had one magazine failure that cost me getting to a disappearing target, and that I also chose to not shoot one disappearing target. Adding the points for the malfunction back in (assuming an A, C hit) my percentage would have been 90.69. With minor, I’m able to not only shoot faster because of the reduced recoil, I feel that I can shoot better points as well. I’m the sure debate will continue, but for right now, I’m sticking with minor.


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