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A couple more things

In my last post I mentioned that I chose not to shoot a disappreaing target, and thought that may need an explaination. The stage was 12 rounds, 4 static targets, 2 poppers and a max trap, your gun (unloaded) and all your mags were on a table to start.  With minor, I was able to make a choice if I wanted to reload or not, having only 10 rounds that I needed to shoot. After crunching some numbers, I figured out that it would be much better to skip the disappearing target and shoot only the 10 shots, saving the time by not having to pick up another magazine from the table. I won that stage (#13) by about 2.5% over Rob, almost 5% over the other competitors.  This shows that even at a match really designed and set-up for 8 round guns, sometimes 10 will get you an advantage.

Another point I’ve been seeing is that your accuracy should be better just based on the fact that the recoil is lighter, and that why the difference in percentage of points shot at the match. Here’s a breakdown of the actual hits from both myself and Rob.


6 B

42 C

8 D

1 Mike


3 B

31 C

6 D

1 Mike

The accuracy with the minor PF gun was better, but I didn’t collect as many points. I plan on working even more on accuracy in the coming months for Production Nationals to bring my percentage up, but with minor, I believe that between 90-95% of the available points is what is needed to win.


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  1. BJ,

    I suspect I’m not the only one who would be interested to read about the differences in training regimen for accuracy vs speed requirements, both as they relate to competition shooting as well as more prosaic or even defensive shooting practice.

    Further, would you consider soliciting commentary on this issue from your fellow shooting teammates and competitors for posting/archiving here? The practice of shared posting (publishing a post on multiple websites with attribution) is a fairly common one now. It permits greater content for each site as well as fodder for response posts regarding a particular topic or – and I think this would be particularly relivant for you – a shared event … like a shooting competition, for example. If you and say Todd Jarrett for instance wrote posts on the same course of fire and posted them on each others blog/website simultanously readers of both would experience a unique insight to the competitive process.

    Comment by Will Brown | May 10, 2009 | Reply

    • Will,

      I’ll try and think of something to post about training, but for the most part, it’s a mindset more than a skillset to practice.

      As for the blog sharing, I’m always open to new ideas on how spread the word. I don’t know how many other shooters have a blog, but I will look into it!

      Comment by bjnorris | May 14, 2009 | Reply

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