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Impressions of Bianchi

Well, my first year of the Bianchi Cup is over, an experience to remember for sure!

Here are some thoughts on my match.

This match requires a lot of mental conditioning, possibly more than even Steel Challenge.  In any other match, you have a chance to make a bad shot up, either by firing another one or by running a little bit faster to the next array. No such luxury at BC, you fire a bad shot and you own that one for the whole year…

Trigger control is EVERYTHING, it doesn’t matter how accurate your gun is, or how good your sights are (both of which are very important aspects) if you get even just a little rough on the trigger.

For me, the Barricade is the hardest event, I think this is probably due to slightly tighter time limits and being off-balance around the barricade.  There are a few different ways to brace your hand against the barricade (only Open shooters can touch the barricade with the gun, everybody else has to try and brace their hand) and I will have to practice what works best for me in time for next year’s match. How solid the barricades are also makes a huge difference. They were rock solid on the match range, but the practice range barricades had a lot of movement in them.

The Mover was one of my best events, I think because it is probably the most “action” oriented event at the match and there’s something other than the trigger pull to focus on, which helps me.

The RO’s have a very good system there, don’t try to be different!

I’m sure some more thoughts will come to me, will post them later on.

Thanks to all the sponsors of the match,  without most everybody would probably go home empty-handed, but in this case, every shooter got a back-pack full of goodies.


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  1. […] BJ Norris (who I swear can read my mind) has his thoughts up, which focus more on the competition side than I am here.  He is absolutely right though in that Bianchi requires a ton of mental discipline – unlike ICORE where I can make up for a B-zone hit by running faster, if you toss a shot in Bianchi, that’s it man.  There are no second chances. […]

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