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2009 Pro-Am thoughts

The 2009 USSA Pro-Am is now behind us, and as it was last year, a very enjoyable match. Phil really knows how to organize and put little touches on the match, such as a water cooler and safe area on every stage.

A couple of observations…

  • The Pro-Am style match has a lot of potential, very easy and fun to watch and understand what’s happening
  • Shooting those “big” poppers is more difficult than it might seem…
  • The prize table list and calling out what is left is the only way to make sure things move smoothly, as well as making sure the shooters know what they are picking up.
  • I think the Open match suffered due to the 10 round limit. I would like to see Limited be whatever the OEM capacity of the gun is.
  • I also think shooting a “Production” style gun could be an advantage because of the 100% lock back of the slide.

Gotta get to work for now, will post more later, in the mean time, I posted a short video from the match.


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  1. […] 2009 Pro-Am Recap Posted on June 18, 2009 by Caleb BJ Norris has some thoughts about the ‘09 Pro-Am, as well as a video of him shooting several of the stages of the match. […]

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  2. I think the only way to make it fair is to keep the 10 round limit, or to make a new limited 10 category. Some states unfortunately have 10 round magazine capacities. I shot my production gun in “open” as well as “limited”, because I don’t have a real “open” gun. Or maybe Phil can create a “side match” stage, where you can buy entries and you can shoot open, limited, limited 10/production.

    Comment by Seiichi | June 24, 2009 | Reply

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