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Eberlestock G4 Operator Ruck

After seeing Kelly Neal’s Gunslinger pack during the Texas Carbine Championship in Corpus Christi, I started looking into the Eberlestock line of packs/rucks. I finally picked the G4 Operator, as it seemed to offer almost everything I was looking for. Eberlestock had some bad luck in the beginning of this year by way of a fire in one of their warehouses. However, they were able to recover some of the inventory with very minimal-to no damage and released them for sale. One of these just happened to be the G4 I was looking for, and I was able to get a great deal ($299 instead of the regular $399), and while when I first got it, the pack smelled like it had been sitting next to a campfire all day, it has almost aired out completely now. So on the the features of the ruck.

The first impression is that this thing is put together right, all of the buckles, straps and MOLLE loops are heavy duty, so no worries about breaking something. One of the biggest things I was looking for was the pack to be on a frame. OSUT taught me that even though my ruck weighed twice or more what my assault pack did, I would rather have the ruck becuase the frame carried the weight so much better. The G4 has an internal frame, with lots padding (especially in the lower back area, which is awesome for me) and adjustable waist and chest straps.

Now, on to the (many) pockets. Most of the Eberlestock packs offer a built in compartment to store a long-gun in and the G4 is no exception. This one will hold an M-4 sized AR with the stock collapsed flush with the top of the pack, but if you have something longer, a detachable cover is included so you can keep your entire rifle “concealed”.  Since I rarely carry a rifle, I put two pistol rugs in here, so as not to take up room in the main internal bay. The lid has two large pockets that are useful for keeping stuff that is flat and pretty lightweight. I keep some hand warmers, gloves and a poncho in one, mag cleaning supplies in the other. Probably my favorite thing about the pack is that you can access the main compartments through a zipper front on the pack, instead of always having the top load access. This was one of my main problems with other backpacks as range bags, no matter how I packed them, what I needed was always on the bottom. The main compartment is broken down into a larger space high on the pack where you can fit your tools and spare parts and a smaller space at the bottom, which is great for ammo. It also has two pockets on the outside of the zipper lids for the main compartment. The larger one fits the case for my Rudy Project Genetyk shooting kit, my ear muffs fit perfectly in the smaller one. There are also 2 pockets on either side of the pack, perfect for a hydration bladder, camera tri-pod, small stool to sit on, almost anything. The bottom of the pack houses the included rain cover to keep the pack dry in wet weather.
There are also MOLLE loops all over this pack, so you can attach some extra pouches for whatever you need. I plan on adding a first-aid kit and some mag pouches that I can throw my mags in from stage-to-stage, during lunch, etc.
All in all, this is a great pack and I’ll make another report after I get back from PASA Park, since everybody who’s been there knows about the giant hill… I feel this this will carry a lot better than a standard range bag.

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