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2011 Schedule and Goals

Now that a few more matches and events are scheduled, I want to officially announce my schedule.

Proposed 2011 Competition Schedule:


  • Texas State Open Championship – Houston, TX, 3/11/11
  • US Steel Challenge National Championship – Titusville, FL, 3/25/11
  • USPSA Area 6 Championship – Frostproof, FL 4/15/11
  • USPSA Single Stack National Championship – Barry, IL, 5/13/11
  • SCSA Rocky Mountain Regional Championship – Pueblo, CO, 5/28/11
  • SCSA Northeast Regional Championship – Old Bridge, NJ 6/3-6/4
  • SCSA West Coast Regional Championship – Piru, CA, 6/18/11
  • Pro-Am Championship – Tulsa, OK, 7/15-7/17/11
  • MGM Junior Camp – Parma, ID, 7/22-7/24
  • MGM Man-On-Man Grand Nationals, Parma, ID, 7/24/11
  • Ruger Rimfire Series World Championship – Founder’s Ranch, NM, 8/5-8/6
  • Steel Challenge World Championship – Piru, CA, 8/18/11
  • USPSA Area 4 Championship – Tulsa, OK, 9/2/11
  • USPSA Production National Championship – Las Vegas, NV, 9/16/11
  • USPSA Limited-10 Championship – Las Vegas, NV, 9/21/11
  • Texas State SCSA Championship – TBD
  • SCSA Northwest Regional Championship – TBD


As I said before, my goals this year center heavily on Steel Challenge. Therefore, my goals this year are to win the overall titles at all of the SCSA Regionals, the Rimfire Optic, Iron Sight, SteelMaster and Overall title at the Steel Challenge World Championships in August. Following the steps I outlined in my previous post will be of the utmost importance to reach these goals. My physical, dry-fire and group shooting training has already begun and my live-fire USPSA and Steel Challenge training will begin soon.


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2011 Season goals

As we close in on the start of the 2011 competition season, everybody should be thinking about their goals for the year. It doesn’t really matter what you set your goals to be, as long as they are important to you and inspire a work ethic to achieve them. If your goals do not inspire you, you need to re-think why you set it as a goal in the first place. It may be as simple as re-wording the goal to suit your current mindset and circumstances, or you might need a total over-haul.


I plan to announce my major goals for 2011 season in the coming month or so, but here are some of things I plan to do to achieve them.


Dry Fire 15 minutes daily

Steel Challenge competitions will play a major role in my goals this year, therefore I plan to practice one of the biggest parts in Steel Challenge everyday, the draw. A time savings of only .1 seconds on every draw adds up to 3.1 seconds over the course of the 8 stage match.


Group Shooting

Increasing your ability to shoot accurately can never hurt your match performance. I plan to spend time everyday shooting groups with my Model 41 to practice sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control.


Physical Readiness

While USPSA and SCSA are not purely physical sports, they do generally require multiple, long days of competition and standing around. Fatigue can and will set-in early in a match if you are not prepared and the first effect will be in your mental game. Next week, I will start working out in the gym regularly again, combined with running three days a week. My goal weight is 150-155 pounds, and I believe I can reach that goal by 6/1/11.


Think about your own goals, what they mean to you, and how you can achieve them.

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New Steel Open Gun

Just finished up my new Steel Challenge Open gun for 2011. I started with a stock SW1911 9MM Pro Series and had my friend Bill Hailey lighten the slide with a surface grinder and port the barrel by EDM, as well as drilling and tapping the frame to mount my Aimpoint Micro H-1. The result is a short and light gun, with most of the weight centered in or directly around your hands, which is the optimum location , especially when you are doing as many transitions as SCSA calls for.

I know a lot will wonder why I opted to port the standard bushing barrel instead of adding a new barrel with a traditional comp, the short answer is weight savings. To bring the balance of the gun to frame area with a comp hanging out on the end of the gun can be difficult, which means more time making more precise cuts in the slide, and can also increase the chance of the slide cracking which, needless to say, is something you do not want to happen at a critical time.

Preliminary testing leads me to believe that while I may not be able to shoot the gun faster, I should be able to shoot it easier. It gives me the feel of being able just to move my hands to wherever I need to aim, instead of swinging a gun around to the targets. Looking forward to using this set-up in the upcoming season, look for pictures of the new gun on my Facebook Page.

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