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Shooting Groups, simple yet difficult.

As I continue to train myself to be more accurate by shooting 10 shot groups with my S&W Model 41, I’m finding out, or perhaps remembering some very subtle things that make a very large difference.


The first thing is knowing exactly where your gun is sighted in. It’s more important to have a pinpoint location where you know can aim and hit in the middle of the target. Also, the smaller target you choose, the more precise your overall group will become.


The next thing is that if your sights are near the target, your trigger needs to prepped and ready to fire all of the time. You never know when your sights will cross the perfect location and you will need to fire, and if your trigger isn’t already prepped, you will most likely jerk the trigger when you see the sights cross where you need them to be.


More tips coming soon, but I thought I’d share those two observations while they were fresh on my mind.


February 2, 2011 Posted by | Uncategorized | 3 Comments