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SBR Ammo

My first experience with SBR Ammunition came at the US Steel Nationals earlier this year. Kenny Dickerson of Speed Shooter Specialties let me try some of the his ammo and I was extremely impressed with the consistency and accuracy of it. But, before we get too far, let’s talk a little bit about SBR, and Buddy Singleton, the man behind the ammo.

Southern Ballistic Research was founded in 2004 in response to a need for custom loaded ammunition for Law Enforcement and government agencies. The founder, LTC Buddy Singleton (Ret.) has been a life-long shooter, even attending college on a small bore rifle scholarship. Buddy understands what makes ammo good, better than anyone I’ve ever talked to, but he’s also not afraid to defy conventional logic. SBR is one of the largest commercial manufacturers of tracer and frangible rounds in a variety of calibers, as well as being one of only companies that loads 458 SOCOM. Now, on to the ammo!

Buddy is very willing to experiment with different loads to find a load that performs the best. To that end, we took the basic 100 Gr GreenMatch, reworked and out came GreenMatch Competition. Loaded with the 100 Gr Sinterfire Flatnose bullet, the 9MM GreenMatch Competition uses new brass, Federal Match primers and clocks in at about 1150 FPS from a 5” barrel. This provides a very light recoiling load, but due to the recoil impulse of the 100 Gr bullet, it has just enough snap to cycle even standard guns. It’s available as the match load, and also a practice load using fired brass and standard grade primers to reduce the cost.

The second 9MM load I am using is the 158 Grain Special Application Sub-Sonic. It passes the chrono at 860 FPS out of my M&P Pro with a KKM barrel. Though it is heavier than standard 9MM loads, it shoots great and is wonderfully accurate. Again, this is available as a match load with new brass and Federal Match primers, or practice ammo with used brass and standard primers.

Visit Buddy’s websitr at!


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