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Yo Homie! Or Maybe Not…

Ok, so after working a lot with junior shooters the past couple years (most of which are not just a WHOLE lot younger than I am…), something finally hit at the Area 4. Almost every junior I’ve worked with lately seems to have the seem issue during movement, turning the gun sideways!

I’m not sure when it started, I don’t Think I did it myself just a couple years ago, but sure enough, 75% of the junior shooters I’ve worked with lately will turn the gun 90 degrees while moving between positions. The other aspects of their technique, keeping the gun high, finger outside of the trigger guard, etc are really solid. Turning it sideways could possibly be a little safer, especially while opening doors and windows since it does give you a little better awareness of exactly where the muzzle is. But, turning the gun back straight is going to take more time since it’s more movement, and more movement also increases the chance the sights won’t be aligned.  So, and this goes for everybody, young and old, keep the gun high underneath your chin and straight up and down during movement.


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