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Hey guys,

I recently made a Fan page on Facebook to support this page on the mobile content end of things. I never really had a good system for updating my blog from my phone, especially when it comes to pictures and other media. Solution… Facebook it! Look for live updates and pictures from the range on the Facebook page, while end of match reports and thoughts and tips on training will still appear on this page. I hope to grow the traffic by using both pages to support one another. Check out the BJ Norris Fan Page on Facebook and become a fan for live updates!


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Rudy Project Genetyk Shooting Kit review

Jamie Foote gave me one of the new Rudy Project Genetyk shooting kits at the TSCC since I had “lost” the Rydon’s that I normally wear (which I later found in a random ammo can in my reloading area…). So far, I hadn’t found another frame that I like as much as the Rydon, but the Genetyk is looking like it will be my new standard frame for this year. The fit and feel is very similar to the Rydon, even despite it being a somewhat heavier frame. I don’t really feel the extra weight, but I do notice the increased coverage around the sides and bottom of the lenses. This is also the first time I’ve been able to play with the ImpactX Photo Clear lenses, all I can say is, Wow! I haven’t used another tint so far, in or outdoors. I’ve yet to use them on a really bright sunny day, but so far they work extremely well in any condition I’ve used them in. If you’re in the market for a new set of shooting glasses, definitely take a look at the Genetyk shooting kit, and don’t forget to use the discount code “2alpha” on

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Texas State Carbine Championship

Hey guys,

Sorry it took so long for the update, been real busy trying to get things for this year lined up.

Anyway, the Texas State Carbine Championship was the first rifle match I’ve shot, and I had a great time. Lucie and I drove down to Corpus on Saturday night and woke up early to get to the range in time for registration.

Even though the match was open squadding, I linked up with my good friend Jerry Miculek and his brother Donnie to try and gain from their experience with rifles. The first stage we shot had the longest ranges in the match with 5 flashers at about 100 yards and 5 positions to shoot from, which took standing, kneeling and prone to get to all of them. I did pretty well and went into the rest of the match on a positive note. On the next stage, I learned that interaction with walls when shooting a rifle is A LOT different than when shooting a pistol, and all the ports were cut a few inches too high for me to have a comfortable stance, and I ended up shooting the bottom out of several ports over the day, not realizing that the bore was still below the wall when I had a clear sight picture. Even though the stage designers didn’t have a lot of room to make long ranges a factor, the IDPA targets and scoring put a twist on what would normally be very fast stages, forcing everybody to slow down and get good hits on target.

All in all, I shoot pretty decent for my first time out, and plan on trying to make some other rifle or 3 gun matches this year if I can swing it and get the equipment together. I’ll be back to the TSCC 2011 if they have one, but I would make the suggestion to move away from open squadding to a traditional assigned squad matrix, just to cut down on situations like what happened on stage 4, where about 30% of the shooters were on the stage at one time.

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Back From Ft. Benning

Hello all,

As many of you have already found out, I have been having serious lower back problems since leaving for Infantry OSUT in October of last year. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete my training and have been discharged on a Chapter 11, Entry Level Separation.

The support of my family and friends has been invaluable to me. It was a very serious disappointment not being able to complete my training and continue my ARMY career. I came home knowing that I had given 110%, even pushing myself to the point of not being able to walk and ending up in the hospital, and I’m proud of that.

I have already made contact with many of my old sponsors, and hopefully a few new ones, so stay tuned for announcements! I will also be posting a 2010 match schedule within the next few weeks.

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